3 ways in which volunteering helps you boost your career

As part of the preparations for the Startup World Cup Finland to be held in March, we spoke with Mirza Sagdati, founder of Red Brick Accelerator, who shared with us a little bit about his journey from volunteering to founding his own startup accelerator, and how his experience as a volunteer of Startup World Cup Finland helped him forge critical skills and build the network that has been an essential part of his professional career development.

"I started volunteering when I was in high school, and it was always my thing because it allowed me to get work experience and meet new people while having a great time, and also it turned out to be a great filter to meet like-minded people. For me, the volunteering experience in SWCF can be summarized as Gaining Skills + Building Network + Meeting Cool people + Having Fun + a lot of other stuff."
Mirza Sagdati

1. Exploration of your Interests and Skills

Volunteering is a mindset, it is the way people consider work and the relationship people have towards work. A lot of times it can be a big advantage in making some unimaginable stuff happen, and it is one of the best ways of discovering your passions and the topics that really motivate you to work. Moreover, volunteering in SWCF is a very effective way of acquiring real-world work experience and developing skills that are highly valued in the job market such as teamwork, organization, and communications. 

2. A Goldmine of Networking possibilities

Events like Startup World Cup Finland are definitely goldmines for networking. You meet people of different profiles at the same place, people that you would not be able to meet if it was not for the event and your engagement with it. Especially if you are interested in the startup ecosystem or in founding your own company, volunteering for events such as SWCF is a great opportunity to keep yourself in the loop of this everchanging environment and meet startup founders, investors, corporate representatives, policy-makers, etc.

3. A Gateway for Employment in Finland

Volunteering is something that not only employers appreciate, but it is also a good gateway to new job possibilities that you would not have otherwise. Personally, I know about a lot of people from the startup ecosystem who got paid jobs through volunteering. That is where they started and where they were able to make the connections that ultimately helped them get the job.

I would underline especially the non-Finnish people living in Finland who know the job-seeking struggle and took advantage of volunteering as a great strategy for building their professional networks.

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