Keys for better sales, Dr. Pia Hautamäki?

Who is Dr. Pia Hautamäki?

Dr. Pia Hautamäki is selected for 25 Finnish person who has the greatest influence on business leaders in this country. In addition, she also instructs a master’s program for International Sales and Sales Management – the only program in Finland which focuses completely on B2B sales for the master’s level. On top of understanding the Finnish side of business, Dr. Hautamäki has some undestanding of sales in the United States as well.

Not only will we uncover what’s lacking in the business realm of Finland, today we will discover the solutions for it – in perspective of startups as well.

Am I Capable of Selling?

Over time of working in sales, many may find that it is not their skillset or passion. However, they could possibly have the wrong idea of what sales really is. “In the meeting of the World Economy Forum this January in Davos, the results were clear: Sales skills are highly important in the future. Not only basic sales skills, but also creativity, interactive skills, as well as understanding other humans. The skills for helping others thrive is what sales is all about.”

“This idea of “sell me this pen” is a completely different aspect in comparison to modern sales. We are still largely set with this mindset in Finland in which selling is about imposing and forcing the customer to buy by forms of manipulation and persuasion.”

Sales is More Than Pitching!

“The modern sales goal is to help another to achieve their goals. In the context of business, it is helping the customer to succeed more fully and improve their business to another level of success.”

“In both startups from Finland and United States, there are many cultural differences. In many cases, some startups spend too much time developing a product without reaching out to potential customers. In the early stages, it is important to discuss these startup ideas with others. The recommendation is to be curious, gather questions, and discuss together how this startup could make the world better. In these discussions, learn what it takes to inspire all prospective customers.

Quite often many still go with an old style of learning everything about their product and using that information to create a pitch. As a result, hoping that knowing more will automatically gain more sales. Finland has come far following inspiring cultures (Slush) that led the way for Finnish pitches, however, the goal of sales is not only surrounded by the pitch. It’s about listening and stepping in another’s shoes and watching the world from the perspective of a customer, investor or another shareholder. For startups, it’s about asking for as much as possible in the early stages.”

Thank you Dr. Pia Hautamäki for the interview!

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Text: Sami Vuorimäki / Jasmine Petersen